The divine purpose of every soul is to make a beautiful lifestyle with God's love and God's teaching which is within us all. The divine love within us all is absolutely the true and divine way of life.

In order to live true and divine, we must become divine. We must bring out the true fire invested within us that God has infused within our spirit. The holy spirit of the most high creator.

This is the unique divine essence we must have in order to become divine and live in our divine purpose.

Wouldn't it be easy if we all lived in harmony living in this divine purpose?

True in love, true like God and beautiful like divine love....

Yes, this is our divine purpose.

It is something you must activate within you,

See, your divine blueprint is one thing, but actually making it become activated and enforced within your lifestyle takes some work, but not too much.

We are here to make it very simple.

In 11 months you can achieve this, every month you will study the material provide and utilize your own personal tools to activate this unique system of God's love within you.

It is immeasurable the amount of divine structure you will attain during this program. It is custom designed to your divine blueprint and unique to you. You will live this plan for eternity.

Once you master the program, you will become a master and help everyone around you, see this is the solution.

Do you see it now?

The solution to heal planet earth is within us. Have you ever searched or researched how? Probably, not.... Do not fear for now is the greatest opportunity to finally attract your divine purpose within your entire being and then by the grace of God, you will help many other people.

This is the true solution, getting to know who you are and how you were created and how you must become a limitless being with a divine plan and figure out all the fine tuning you need to make this achievable, in only 11 months.

This time goes fast, but you will love every observation and every thing that transpires, you will feel it within your being, within your essence, you WILL become divine!

You WILL live your divine purpose.

You WILL share and teach these methods.

Together, we are the solution to the new Mother Earth.


We trust that you will experience the true magic within you.

The real magic of the world, is God and his true essence within us. Lets all come together as ONE and become this true essence. One with God, one with love will all pure divine hearts.

Take this opportunity to make the change, the transformation for you, your family, your friends, and we want to help you change your whole community, that is our goal.

We know we can achieve this goal because there is nothing stronger in this world than the love of God and everything he has planned is absolute truth and

Lets be one, lets create, lets be divine. Lets show everyone around us how to bring about this love and change,

The transformation of a lifetime starts with you.

You may start anytime, every thing is custom to you, but we will release this program to you monthly because it is not possible to speed through the course. You must do each lesson each month to master the 7 tools. You must read 11 scribed books that will show you how God has set our lives to manifest in sweet harmony.

This program is all about self love and self mastery and the global solution for the new divine earth. Nobody can stop this plan for it is God's plan. We are all coming together now whether we like it or not. Every being will be subject to this program in order to stay on the new earth. We are here to help you adjust. This is the solution planned at this time.

Please join us, Join the program and help make Mother Earth great once again. We have already started. The 4 year plan starts now.

Welcome to the new school of the new improved earth.
"Your path to the ascension is in these books and tools"
Welcome to your new life......

It is the beginning of the most unbelievable turnaround of everything you lived in the past to the new soul plan purpose of who you truly are, your authentic being.

This is who you are, see a long time ago before you were created, many, many lifetimes ago, a blueprint was made. This is also known as the akashic records. (the first record) This blueprint is also the true nature of who you are within your soul.

See, the true blueprint does NOT have a birthday, because birthdates are not the same in every lifetime. So in order to know who you are and what plan God has for you, you must have access to this soul plan created when your soul was created. No soul plan is the same as yours.

We make this process very simple.

Simply enter your photo and a divine ascended master will scribe your divine soul blueprint, which is four pages long and carries all your divine information, spiritual nature, mental nature, physical nature and divine wisdom.

Did you know there are only 7 selected divine soul blueprint activators in the world?
Astrology blueprints are NOT accurate and here's why, astrology was created by man, it is also altered by man. Any man can create a blueprint using astrology for it is learned just like a book of instructions.

But see the true blueprint is from God source. In order to access these soul blueprints you must be granted access. You cannot learn how to access, you may ask God yourself, yes by all means do so.

If you could, you wouldn't be here reading this right now, would you?

Perfect, we are here to help....

We are the ones chosen by God with all the divine knowledge and permission to access your divine soul blueprint and also guide you into manifesting this into your life and become your true authentic being, living your soul purpose by the way of God and becoming successful in all your future endeavors here on earth.


Receive the 11 scribed books that entail all divine laws and knowledge you need to know about the ascension process, this includes, codes and tools of discernment.

Receive the 7 Ultimate Infinite Mastery Tools that will bring you to your divine higher soul alignment.

You will receive an Entity clearing and blockage removal

You will also receive a chakra alignment and upgrade to 22 chakras and 144 DNA strands.

A complete divine soul blueprint scribed by the ascended Deva of the 7th Ray

Divine soul plan Divine soul blueprints

These books are also a part of the overall complete plan for the new earth.

It is very simple and easy to incorporate in your current life.

This will also allow you to merge into your divine soul plan and limitless life created for you at this time.

Do not wither in your steps, this is the ultimate plan for the new earth and is being implemented within all souls on Mother Earth Gaia.

We have the solution.....

And this solution is absolutely going to work and had already started to change the world back to its original state of creation. We are proceeding to activate you and all souls back to it's original state of creation.


Your divine soul blueprint makes up the exact system that you need to put in place in this lifetime. It is very simple. You do not need to know any charts of diagrams or birthdate to discover your divine soul blueprint.

The reason is very self explanatory. Your soul does not have a birthdate. There are no illusions when obtaining your divine soul blueprint. As you know astrology rules and creation are altered, so we have brought you to the divine plans straight from God source and the systems he has created for you at your creation.

We are talking about many years ago in the beginning at the very first genetic make up spark of who you are. A plan was decided and created that you would follow. It is actually within you at every life cycle. It remains the same. It just slightly changes to adjust to your karmic cycle for this life term you are now witnessing.

Do not be alarmed, you should be excited you found us....

We are about to show you the truth that God has planned for us, the most detailed information you wish you discovered all your life.

This is your true victory.....

It is absolutely divine and a courageous move to limitlessly work on your self and become who you were created to be, your true authentic self - a divine soul being. We call them kings and queens.

Do not feel as if you are lost anymore, because today is the day you will make the decision to fully activate the true essence within.

This program will show you the divine work of God and how he originally planned our destiny for us. Yes, now you can retrieve these non-altered scribed soul blueprints straight from divine source/God. This plan is not made by man or invented, nor created by any human on earth. It is brought to you through the divine rays of God here at this time, remember there are only 7 rays here to show you and enlighten you to this plan.

We have your plan.

It is extremely beneficial to your well being brought to you by the grace of God. This is a day of transformation, once you commit to this 11 month Program, your desire of your heart will truly be changed for a lifetime.....

Create your destiny today...

The magic is inside you, never forget that. We will show you now how to activate all this by yourself.

Are you ready?

Proceed now, we know that you feel it is time you stepped up into your role, yes your divine soul purpose, isn't that why you are here? Show us your soul and we will show you your purpose on Earth. Nobody has the same purpose as you.