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The Immaculate Plan Of Your Soul



We are here on a divine path, living in a divine way. Everything in this world will now become divine as we sit here wondering what is going to happen in the world, we need to know that the divine way of life is an absolute necessity to accomplish. No longer are the days of just living day to day in any way that we wish. We must take the leverage of connecting to the divine within us and absolutely making our lives a wonderful experience of divine love, truth and understanding.

We have made this possible by bringing you our divine gifts that God has instilled with us as our divine soul blueprint to assist the planet in the ascension process. To make it faster and more efficiently successful, we have been selected to give up our daily lives and fully commit to activating those who are in need of their divine soul blueprint.

The blueprint consists of 4 pages of everything that is off the highest divine truth of yoru entire soul being. We start off with showing your divine aspects that you carry, We also show you an example of who you are within your soul. We show you a character that you have been in a past life to remind you off the exact divine power you hold and received at the spark of your first creation.

We also show you the divine wisdom that you hold as well as the Spiritual, Mental and Physical strengths you possess as a divine person. These qualities are within you already and you must once again remember for to activate and master this potential within you. If you are able to accomplish this and remain divine within you heart for a life time then you have completely mastered your life. Maybe you are already mastered your divine potential. The only way to find out is to actually get your divine soul blueprint. If you do not want to use our services, we have many videos that are free that can help you attain this blueprint yourself. You can SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL SOUL MASTERY FILES 2020 to follow the lesson we have for free. We understand not everyone can afford this service, however we use the funds towards building greater structures of what we really do and that is create divine structures in the world for everyone to start to align with thier divine soul blueprint. We do not work regular jobs as we are in service for humanity every day and every hour we are producing more information to create the global awareness for all to activate the their divine soul blueprint.

Now if you should need our assistance, then we will gladly scribe your 4 page divine soul blueprint for your review to speed up the process and we also have an 11 month program and a Divine Soul Mastery Academy you can join to make sure you are caught up with everything that is happpening in this world.

We are the chosen scribe writers for the new 5D EARTH PLAN of MOTHER GAIA. Our work is extensive on all dimensions as we are the ascended Deva and Elohim of the 7th Ray. If there is any way we can assist you, please write to us Email: info@divinesoulplan.com